GATE Coaching: Online or Offline, What is the Right Choice?

online and offline GATE coaching

GATE Exam is one of the most coveted and toughest entrance exams in India. Every engineering graduate who wants to join PSUs as class ‘A’ officer or pursue research through Master’s or PhD from India’s top IITs aims to crack this exam. Students opt for different learning mediums to prepare for the exam, but the end goal of every student is same; which is to get top AIR and get good ranks which they dream. GATE coaching is one of the most common paths taken by almost every student to prepare for the exam. However, not every student is lucky enough to get access to quality coaching in their areas, due to which they have to stay away from the home for coaching or have to manage with whatever they get in their cities.

Thankfully, with the change in technology and the availability of online coaching for GATE Aspirants, students now have the choice to choose what is best for them. Moreover, online coaching is not limited only to the students who don’t have the availability of quality coaching in their area. If you are still thinking, how to choose between online or offline GATE coaching, here are some tips for you to make the right choice.

Non-Availability of Quality Coaching

Though quality education is reaching in every nook and corner of India, there are still many areas where high-quality coaching for competitive exams is not available. If you are living in an area where GATE coaching is not available, you must opt for online preparations. The Gate Coach’s online Class helps you get the same quality of classroom coaching at the convenience of your home through live online classes and recorded video lectures. Based on your preparation level and requirements, you can choose any of these.

Difficulty in Traveling

If you are living in a region where the facility of public transportation is not easily available, you should opt for online coaching for GATE. Live online classes save you from the hassle of the daily commute and help you get the same quality of coaching by experienced teachers at the convenience of your home.

However, if you have easy access to The Gate Coach’s classroom coaching at a close distance, you can opt for a traditional method for GATE preparation.

Limited Budget

If you cannot afford the high fees on classroom coaching, GATE online coaching makes a right choice for you. Even if you opt for self-preparation of the engineering entrance exam and want learning material for selected topics or subjects, you can easily find it in the form of recorded video lectures. These videos are recorded by experienced teachers to help you quickly and easily understand difficult topics. Freedom to choose selected subjects or full course for GATE preparation helps you get what you want and that too in your budget.

Doubt Resolution

No doubt teachers answer all the queries during the class, but doubts are not limited to just classes. You can get doubts anytime when revising the syllabus or starting a new topic. The Gate Coach’s Online Classroom Portal helps you to raise your doubts anytime or simply call at the given numbers.

Further, there are students who hesitate to ask questions in the traditional classroom with the fear of what will other students thinks of them. If you also feel the same, live online classes make a right choice for you. In live interactive classes, you can raise your doubt anytime during the class to get the answer from the teachers.

Guaranteed Results

No doubts with 1200+ ranks in GATE 2020 Exam by TGC student’s through Online Classes of The Gate Coach has proved that online classes can also help students secure a rank. But there are still many students and parents who think that classroom coaching ensures top ranks and prefer it over online coaching. If you also believe in the same theory, you can opt for classroom GATE coaching.

Teaching Methodology

Classroom coaching institutes still follow the same chalk and duster approach where teachers have to write everything on the board. In a classroom of around 100 students, it is not possible for everyone to see what is written on the board. On the other hand, in digital classrooms, teachers help students understand difficult chapters through videos, live examples and multiple replay of videos. Teachers show the examples during the class that helps students not just understand the concept quickly but also remember the information for longer. So, if you don’t want to be a part of a crowd where teachers are not even able to notice you, opting for online coaching for GATE is the right choice.

One-to-one Interaction

Classroom coaching is a right choice for the students who are comfortable in talking to other classmates and teachers. In the traditional classroom, you can interact with peers to get to know about new things or techniques to quickly understand tricky and difficult topics. At times, it also helps in getting answers to some doubts which even teachers are not able to resolve.

Self-paced Learning

If you feel that following a strict schedule with fixed class timings is the right way for you to prepare for GATE, you can opt for classroom coaching. But for the students, who prepare for the competitive exam along with regular colleges or jobs and find it difficult to follow a rigid schedule, online coaching is the suitable option. This is also a right option for the students who prefer self-paced learning at any time of the day.

So, these are some of the points to help make the right choice between online or offline GATE coaching. Choose wisely, as what is decide now will have a huge impact on your rank in GATE and your dream of getting into the top PSUs or IITs in India.