Online Test Series Schedule for Gate 2022 of Civil Engineering

S. No.DATECivil Engg.
1. 1st Oct 2021Soil Mechanics
2.6th Oct 2021Structure Design
3.11th Oct 2021Design of Steel Structure
4.16th Oct 2021Environment Engineering
5.21st Oct 2021Irrigation
6.26th Oct 2021Hydrology
7.31st Oct 2021Highway & Aptitude
8. 5th Nov 2021Surveying
9.11th Nov 2021Building Material
10.15th Nov 2021Maths & Aptitude
11.21st Nov 2021Irrigation & Hydrology
12.26th Nov 2021SOM
13.30th  Nov 2021Maths & Aptitute
14.5th Dec 2021Soil & RCC
15.10th Dec 2021SOM & Apti
16.14th  Dec 2021Full Length Paper I
17. 19th Dec 2021Paper II
18. 24th Dec 2021Paper III 
19.29th Dec 2021Paper IV
20. 3rd Jan 2022Paper V
21.8th  Jan 2022Paper VI
22.13th Jan 2022Paper VII
23. 18th Jan 2022Paper VIII
24. 23rd Jan 2022Paper IX
25.27th  Jan 2022Paper X

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