B.Tech students who

  • Fails to qualify some subjects during graduation
  • Fails to build interest in many subjects even after passing
  • Fails to gain knowledge due the lack of clearance of basics
  • Fails to understand the meaning, purpose and applications of a particular subject

Are invited to join our special classes in which from the very basics with applications, each of that subjects will be taught. We (The Gate Coach) are specialized in teaching fundamentals, basics, applications of the engineering as well as for the particular subject.

Bachelor degree in technology is a benchmark ina student life. It is a professional course that allows students not only to complete graduation but help them to secure a job. B.Tech students are the core of not only private companies but of many government sectors.

Data from the various sources tells that in competitive exam after graduation, the percentage of B.Tech students successfully qualifying the exam is maximum.

UPSC civil services, SSC combined graduate level and many other reputed exams have become the Favorites for the engineers to Crack.

But to do all this, you need to pass in the degree by passing in the entire exams takes place after every semester .According to the recent report more than 40% students fails to pass the exam in the Stipulated time of4years and more than 10% didn’t pass it all and leave it.

This is a matter of serious concern. When this data is researched, it is found that students fail because of some subjects. There are many tough subjects during the course of B.tech in which many students fails to pass the first time and some fails to pass ever. One of the reasons behind this is, many colleges do not have teachers for those subjects and if they are there, then they fail to teach from the basic fundamentals and hence fail to develop interest for the subject.

This is a concern over which neither the government nor the colleges are not taking any profoundactions. After serving the engineering community from past 23 years, we (The Gate Coach) now decided to take preventive measures in order to help those students. We decided to run special classes or special batches as per the strength by our top faculties who are teaching Gate for over 10years.

The pattern of the classes is designed so that student takes interest in the subject and the lectures are de‐signed according the university syllabus. Derivations, numerical, expression all will be discussed in detail in the class. The course take full responsibility that after the completion of the course, it becomes a cake walk for the student to pass the exam.

Our main purpose is to challenge the so called education system of our country in which students are encouraged to cramm as it is. We are delivering high quality education with the fundamentals in GATE examination from past 23 years but now we pledge to do this during the graduation of the student too. If subject is taught from the very basic then developing interest in the subject is automatic. This is the fortey of The Gate Coach to teach from the bottom (Basic) and atalinearrate reaches the top (advanced).

These special classes will be run on weekends keeping the college schedule of the student in mind. For more information you can register here and wait for a callback.