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Group Task for PSUs


Basically group task is almost similar as a group discussion, but the result of the group task reveals a lot about each candidates and their personality which a group discussion fails to.

In a group task, the group is given a simple task to be completed in some given time and the candidates are expected to solve not only the problems and difficulties related to the given task but also some real life problems like working under pressure, handling a team without having prior knowledge of doing so, coming to a single efficient solution when everyone else in the team have their own ideas.

A group task is more alike to judge you on factors like leadership qualities, team spirit, creativity and problem solving ability and many such. Though you think it’s a group task but your every move is monitored along with your attitude towards the problem, and as well as towards the given situation.


A group task is effectively an evaluation of candidate on psychological parameters and it helps the examiner understand how the candidates behave and act in a group, how their behaviour alters in a group. There are a number of social dimensions and values that come into the picture when we start to deal with a group and this is reflected in a group task. The leadership qualities of an individual also come to the fore in a group task.

Group tasks are activities where a defined group of individuals need to perform a defined task and accomplish the goals assigned to them. Group members are expected to pitch in a variety of ways. They need to identify the nature of the problem, the best ways of dealing with it, provide specific facts and inputs that might be helpful in solving the problem, and ensure that communication channels are always open. Group tasks provide an opportunity to check the interpersonal skills of candidates and to check their commitment levels. Group members’ nature and degree of participation will help establish the kind of role they play in a group. Overall, the behaviour of a group is dictated by the members and this determines how the group acts. For example, in some groups, members go out of their way to help others whereas in other groups self cantered individuals dominate.

Why are Group Tasks conducted?

B-Schools / Organisation use Group Tasks/Group Exercises to test team work, interpersonal communication skills and the planning ability of the candidates. The panel needs to know if one can mix well with others; sometimes business simulated exercises are also given to test candidate’s performance in real managerial situations. In such exercises, a candidate’s ability to work in a team is put to test, while testing his convincing power and reasoning ability. The task is assigned to the group by the panelists in such a way that all get equal opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities, express themselves and give suggestions when asked for. Leadership skills , good team working skills , strong reasoning and decision making skills, negotiating skills, taking initiative , facilitating others to perform and speak ,showing a positive attitude, staying motivated (Intensity, Direction and Perseverance) are some of the traits a Team player must possess in order to successfully accomplish the task and get selected.

The candidate may be given an indoor practical task, outdoor group exercise, case studies, presentations, creating a proposal, performing skits, role plays and so on. Certain B schools and PSU evaluate candidates through such along with other selection tools. In one such exercise students were asked to organise an event for the B school. Other activities included forming a railway platform with a stack of papers provided, analyzing a situation or a picture, selling a product or preparing an election campaign.

B-Schools use Group Tasks/Group Exercises to evaluate candidates on:

  • Leadership skills
  • Organizing Ability
  • Initiative
  • Cooperation
  • Negotiation skills
  • Liveliness
  • Determination
  • Decision Making Ability
  • Confidence
  • Attitude
  • Perseverance
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Persuasiveness
  • Perseverance
  • Motivation

Past Group Exercise Experiences

A group of 8 students were blindfolded and then given a twisted rope. They were asked to arrange themselves in such a way as to form an 8 pointed star. Similarly, the group members were asked to arrange themselves and form a square.

  • There was a brick lying on the floor and the team members were asked to stand one above another on it.
  • The team members were given a card board, chart paper, pencil to create any structure out of the materials provided, length being 150mm.

Tips for performing Group Activities:

  • Listen attentively and make notes of the information provided.
  • Divide the task into bundle of activities so that the whole team can work together (plan a work breakdown structure).
  • Stay focused on the goal and remembers team working skills are being tested.
  • Try to create an environment where communicating with team mates, taking reasonable risks and actions is possible.
  • Creativity, participative leadership, thinking out of the box and strong reasoning is required to complete the task.
  • Take initiative but don’t underestimate your team mates. True that the team’s success would be your success but be slightly diplomatic since this a competition and you will be evaluated individually.
  • Remember Synergy is important for achieving goal (1+1 = 3).
  • Its observed that any group formation has generally these 5 stages(Tuckman’s Model):
    • o FORMING: Getting Acquainted and Establishing Ground rules
    • o STORMING: Showing of hostilities and Resisting control by Group Leader
    • o NORMING: Start working and developing close relationships
    • o PERFORMING: Working towards goal achievement
    • o ADJOURNING: Post task completion
  • Have confidence in what you do and persevere (don’t give up till the last minute).
  • Perform your role keeping in mind that you are being observed by the panel.

It is important to know that that the rationale behind group tasks is to check the candidate’s competence on team building skills, Leadership, handling pressure, etc. The contemporary management practices emphasize more on Team work now, since managers need to handle live projects. So these team activities are an attempt to simulate actual managerial dilemmas, an insight into real corporate complexities.


Case 1: a Xerox machine needs to be manufactured which should give colored copies but the cost of these colored copies should be less than general black and white copy. The manufacturing cost of that new photo copying machine needs to be reduced in order to increase the profit of company. To reduce manufacturing cost low cost components are used which degrades the quality of copy. But only 30 % people can detect those degraded changes while rest 70% people don’t predict the change. We need to give a solution for this whether to reduce the cost of manufacturing for benefits of company or not

Case 2: You are head of a company. A person XYZ is working in your company. But few of his colleagues complain about him that he doesn’t work full time and works only 3-4 days in a week. Apart from this they also complain that he does some part time side business which is gaining him more profit. But his performance is far better than other and is providing profits to the company. What action will you take?

Case 3: You are head of company. Your company wants to replace a new technology XYZ with the old one ABC. License of your old technology expires in few months and needs to to be renewed. The employers are used to old technology and don’t need any formal training for the same. The new technology requires lots of training and for this the employers must work over time. But employers are not ready to do over time. What solutions will you provide to company?

Some times in group task they basically give you a comprehensive paragraph to read in which you are one of the candidate in that story. In one case there was this plane crash situation which was crashed in that desert stating number of survivors and items that we are left with us in order to survive. Now after this dreadful situation we were required to recommend the whole strategy by which we will survive by consensus among ourselves. We were given 20 minutes for discussion and 10 minutes for giving the conclusion. This was the GT off GATE Exam.

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PSU & Gate Exam : Important Dates



1. Release of GATE 2017 application form September 1, 2016
2. Deadline to submit GATE 2017 application form October 10, 2016
3. GATE 2017 February 4, 5, 11, and 12, 2017
4. GATE 2017 admit card download January 4, 2017
5. Application form for IOCL Recruitment available from January 10, 2017
6. Last date to apply February 12, 2017




S.No. Events Dates
1 Start date for BPCL application January 6, 2017
2 Last date for BPCL application February 19, 2017
3 Download GATE 2017 Admit Card January 5, 2017 onwards
4 GATE 2017 Exam February 4, 5, 11 & 12, 2017


Sr.No. Stages of Selection Process Parameters
1 Shortlisting On the basis of valid GATE-2017 Scores
2 Further Shortlisting on the basis of performance in Group Discussions / Alternate selection methodology

Personal Interviews

3 Selection Based on Medical Fitness in Pre -Employment Medical Examination

GATE 2016 Cutoff for BPCL Recruitment

2016 2015 2016 2015 2016 2015 2016 2015
Mechanical 68 73 65 70 54 60 46 40
Chemical 57 50 55 45 47 45.33 40 47.33
Instrumentation 60 60 58 60.67 43 50.67 33 50




Sr.No. Events Dates
1. Availability of application form for HPCL Recruitment January 10, 2017
2. Last date to submit HPCL application form February 10, 2017
3. GATE 2017 exam February 4, 5, 11 an 12, 2017
4. GATE 2017 Result March 27, 2017
Discipline UR OBC SC ST PwD
Mechanical 75.14 70.69 58.34 50.85 38.87
Civil 66.97 62.26 54.91 54.26 32.28
Electrical 67.35 65.23 53.55 51.61 35.14
Instrumentation 61.33 57.33 44.67 35.33 25.67
E &TC 63.18 62.88 53.35 47.83 37.51
Chemical 54 51.67 44.33 41 34


Important Dates for GAIL Recruitment through GATE 2017


S.No. Events Dates
1. Release of GATE 2017 application form September 1, 2016
2. Deadline to submit GATE 2017 application form October 10, 2016
3. GATE 2017 February 4, 5, 11, and 12, 2017
4. GATE 2017 admit card download January 5, 2017
5. Application form for GAIL Recruitment available from January 10, 2016 (1100 hours)
6. Last date to apply February 17, 2017 (1800 hours)

ONGC Recruitment through GATE 2017 Important Dates

S.No. Events Dates
1. Release of GATE 2017 application form September 1, 2016
2. Deadline to submit GATE 2017 application form October 10, 2016
3. GATE 2017 admit card download January 5, 2017
4. GATE 2017 February 4, 5, 11, and 12, 2017
5. Availability of application form for ONGC Recruitment March/April 2017

Details of GATE 2016 Scores for Recruitment:

Designation UR OBC SC ST PwD Type of Pwd
Geologist 512 381 246 209 453 Pwd -HH
Geophysicist (Surface) 635 434 234 203  –
Geophysicist (wells) 652 489 372 291  –
AEE Reservoir 716 527 424 479  –
Chemist 723 596 395 331 241 PWD-OH
Programming Officer 852 706 No Post No Post 362 PWD-VH
AEE Mechanical 859 788 669 608 452 PWD-OH
287 PWD-HH
AEE Production-Mechanical 833 720 570 520
AEE Production-Chemical 640 479 444 335
AEE Production-Petroleum 696 320 156 161
AEE Drilling-Mechanical 822 755 620 558
AEE Drilling-Petroleum 562 325 265 No Post
AEE Cementing-Mechanical 808 742 615 509
AEE Cementing-Petroleum 642 533 No Post 196
Transport Officer 799 745 571 No Post 443 PWD-HH
MM Officer 836 758 693 525 323 PWD-VH
AEE Electronics 910 832 662 534 379 PWD-OH
314 PWD-HH
AEE Electrical 869 800 710 710 397 PWD-OH
307 PWD-HH
AEE Instrumentation 798 734 500 No Post 325 PWD-OH
218 PWD-HH
AEE Civil 921 836 699 700 428 PWD-OH


Important Dates of NPCIL Recruitment through GATE 2017

S.No. Event Date
1 GATE 2017 application start date September 1, 2016
2 Last date for GATE 2017 application October 10, 2016
3 GATE 2017 admit card download dates From January 5, 2017
4 Start date for NPCIL Application March 2nd week 2017
5 Interviews To be notified


Stage Selection Criteria
Shortlisting GATE Score for 2015, 2016 and 2017
Qualifying in Personal Interview 70% in Interview for Gen and 60% for OBC/SC/ST/PWD candidates
Final Selection GATE  – 80% + Personal Interview – 20%

Important Dates of BARC Recruitment through GATE for OCES/DGFS 2017 

S.No Events Dates
1 Start Date to fill  Online Application Application January 23, 2017
2 Last date for Online Application February 15, 2017 till midnight
3 Dates for Slot Booking for Online Examination February 22 to 28,, 2017
4 Download of Admit Card for Online Examination March 1 to 7, 2017
5 Online Examination March 18 to 26, 2017
6 Last date for candidates to upload their GATE score (2016 or 2017) April 2, 2017
7 Shortlisted candidates for Interview April 14, 2017
8 Interview Slot booking for qualified candidates April 17 to 20, 2017
9 Dates for Selection Interviews May 17 to June 16, 2017
10 Selected Candidates Last week of June, 2017
11 Last Date for Selected OCES-2017 Candidates desirous of DGFS to give details of M.Tech/ M.Chem.Engg. admission in a DGFS institute July 4, 2017
12 Declaration of List of Persons Selected for DGFS-2017 2nd week of July, 2017


Important Dates for NFL Recruitment through GATE 2017

S.No. Event Dates
1 GATE 2017 Answer Key February 27, 2017
2 GATE 2017 Result March 27, 2017
3 Start of NFL Application Form To be notified

Details of IIT M.Tech Admissions 2017

S.No. Name of Institute Application Start Date Last Date for Application
1. IISc Bangalore February 1, 2017 March 29, 2017
2. ISM Dhanbad February, 2017 March, 2017
3. IIT Bombay March,  2017 to be notified
4. IIT Delhi 2nd week of March 2017 Last week of March 2017
5. IIT Guwahati 2nd week of March 2017 2nd week of April 2017
6. IIT Kanpur 3rd week of March 2017 2nd week of April 2017
7. IIT Kharagpur 3rd week of March 2017 3rd week of April 2017
8. IIT Madras 1st week of March 2017 4th week of April 2017
9. IIT Roorkee 3rd week of March 2017 2nd week of April 2017
10. IIT Bhubaneshwar 1st week of March 2017 1st week of April 2017
11. IIT Gandhinagar 1st week of March 2017 2nd week of April 2017
12. IIT Indore 1st week of April 2017 Last week of April 2017
13. IIT Patna 2nd week of April 2017 4th week of April 2017
14. IIT Hyderabad 2nd week of April 2017 1st week of May 2017
15. IIT Mandi 3rd week of April 2017 1st week of May 2017
16. IIT Ropar 4th week of March 2017 3rd week of April 2017
17. IIT Jodhpur 3rd week of March 2017 3rd week of April 2017
18. IIT Varanasi (BHU) 1st week of April 2017 4th week of April 2017